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Learn how you can use Stormz for ideation, decision making, design thinking or project management

Discover Stormz, a powerful workshop facilitation platform

Stormz is a flexible and powerful tool that you can use to facilitate

ideation, decision making, problem solving or design thinking workshops

Meet the speakers

Alexandre Eisenchteter

Alexandre has co-founded Stormz in 2012. As Stormz lead facilitator, Alexandre has designed and facilitated several hundreds of collaborative sessions with up to 1200 participants for some of the most prestigious companies in France. He is now located in North America.


Ginny Santos

Ginny Santos is a certified Stormz facilitator and trainer. She is also an educator and innovation strategist at NeOl√© Consulting and a member of the Faculty at George Brown Community College. Her practice incorporates Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Productive Thinking, Emotional Intelligence and FourSight to work with individuals and groups in the corporate and non-profit sector to teach creative thinking skills, engage staff and stakeholders, find innovative solutions and work towards positive change. 


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